Just Do It

“Wow. Twins. How do you DO it?” Somehow having twins makes you really popular and you make lots of new, random street friends with lots of opinions. Aside from the opinions no mother wants about simply raising one child, you get double the input with twins. I’m asked many repetitive questions about #twinlife, like “Are they twins?”, “How old are they?” and “Can I touch them?” I … Continue reading Just Do It

Time Warp

Every day is a marathon. With the girls getting older and staying awake for longer stretches of time, each day seems endless. While the day is not task-a-lackin’, I find myself glancing at the clock and thinking, “It’s only 9 am!?” Between feeds, diaper changes, nap times, dishes, playtime, and making myself a tea, time becomes a bizarre concept. The same routines, lasting different durations. What … Continue reading Time Warp

The Devil Wears Diapers

If you’ve ever had a baby, you understand the pure hell that is teething. One baby has the power to bring you to your knees, arms raised above your head, shouting what you’d give to end it all. You’d sell your soul, but this baby already owns it. And remember I have two. So I expect double the sympathy. These demons are 8 months old … Continue reading The Devil Wears Diapers